Resources and other contacts

Palliative Care Australia Publication Journeys

Tandem Respite

Cerebellum Chat Groups

Dept of Disability, Housing and Community Services

Therapy ACT

Carers ACT

Parent Link

Kids Helpline

Child and Youth Help

Communities at Work Incorporated

Carers Allowance & Carer Payment

Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Mobility Parking Scheme

Technical Aid to the disabled

Children with Disability Australia

Disability ACT

Plan, facilitates, and where necessary provides and monitors services for people with disabilities in the ACT and the people who care for them).
Tel: (02) 6207 1086

Housing & Community Services

Can assist with providing Housing for people with special needs.
Tel: (02) 6207 1500

Department Education and Training

Early intervention Programs – Special Education
Tel: (02) 6205 9198

Student Support Services & Special Education

Assists families seeking an educational placement/support for children with disabilities in ACT government schools.
Tel: (02) 6205 6925

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Assists children 3-18 years of age who have moderate to severe mental health problems.
Tel: 1800 629 354

Child Youth & Womens Health Program

Provides a range of services including postnatal services, support and counselling, health checks, immunisation and hearing tests.
Tel: (02) 6207 9977

Genetic Counsellor The Canberra Hospital

Tel: (02) 6244 4042

Interstate Patient travel assistance scheme

The Canberra Hospital provides financial assistance for persons required to travel outside of the ACT to obtain Specialist Medical Treatment which is not available in the ACT.
Tel: (02) 6244 2143