Cerebellar Hypoplasia Support Network

The Australian Capital Territory Cerebellar Hypoplasia Support Network Incorporated (ACT CHSNI) was established in late 2004.

The ACTCHSNI were not aware of any other people being affected by Cerebellar Hyoplasia within the ACT, and therefore the committee agreed to cease the operation of the ACT CHSNI in 2008.

The incorporation was committed to improving the understanding and knowledge of Cerebellar Hypoplasia within the local community and its impact on families with affected children. The role of the incorporation was to:

Cody’s parents Darren and Sonia would like to especially thank all the members of the ACT CHSNI for their time, dedication and support. All members helped Darren, and Sonia to ensure that Cody had everything that he needed to give him the best quality of life that he could have.