Dylan's funeral

What can we say? What an emotional and amazing day. We didnít realise until this day how many lives Dylan had touched. On arriving at the church we couldnít believe our eyes. There were cars everywhere on the side streets, in the church car park and in the oval car park behind the church.

Darren and Kenny carried the coffin while Ben held a photo of Dylan in front of the coffin. The funeral service went smoothly and the strength of Darren amazed me, and everyone else. I loved him more than ever and the special words that he expressed that day are still fresh in my memory. I was so proud to be his wife and be the mother of his three boys Cody, Ben and Dylan.

Our nieces and nephews (Jack, Sam, Laura, Molly and Casey) performed a beautiful liturgical dance to the song Heal the World by Michael Jackson. This was a very touching moment of the ceremony. Other nieces, nephews, sisters and mum also did a wonderful job with reading at the ceremony. Dylan would have been proud and I am sure he gave many of them the strength on the day.

The service at the Cemetery was extremely special. Everyone gathered around and blew bubbles to Cody. A massive number of helium coloured balloons were released at the end of the ceremony. The day was very special and couldnít have gone better even if we had wanted it to.

Our hearts are broken and we will never forget and we will always cherish the time that we had with Dylan, he will always be our special little boy. We can be reassured that he is now our beautiful angel playing with his brother Cody in heaven.

Lastly a huge thanks to:

Darrenís employer ACTEWAGL who made a financial contribution to cover the total cost of the funeral service. To this day we are still lost for words at the generosity of ACTEWAGL. This kind gesture will never be forgotten and we are eternally grateful.

Hazel Herum for her kind gesture. The day following the service Hazel arrived at our home and presented us with a gift. This gift enabled Darren, Sonia and Ben to have some time out by ourselves in Sydney and enabled us to spoil Ben and bring some happiness and smiles to his life.

Dylan's Funeral Service BookletFuneral Service Booklet

A Celebration of the Life of Our Angel

Dylan Darren Sheppard

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Slide show at funeral

Funeral reading by Dylan's father

Sonia, Ben and I are blown away with the amount of people who have come to say goodbye to our special son today, and to celebrate the life of Dylan. We thank you with all our heart.

Our special little boy Dylan. Also known as Dylby, Dil and Dils. Born on the 4th of May 2010 and is now resting in peace with his big brother Cody.

Today is in memory of Dylan but it is also a day to celebrate that we were lucky enough to have him in our lives for 22 months.

As most of you would know Dylan had the same condition as our eldest son Cody. A condition called Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia type 2. Despite all this we saw Dylan as our beautiful little boy who was perfect just the way he was.

When Dylan was born and diagnosed Sonia and I agreed that our main aim for him was to give him lots of love and quality of life. We knew in our hearts that he would never meet any milestones for example, walking, talking etc. Once we accepted his diagnosis it didnít matter that he wasnít going to meet any milestones, what did matter was to keep him comfortable and give him lots of love. Sonia, Ben and I feel that we achieved this 100%.

Dylan like his brother Cody touched so many lives during his short life; he had such a big impact on all those that got the chance to know him. He had the most gorgeous smile and gave the best snuggles. He was a gorgeous boy with the best of looks, just like me, sorry darl, I meant us. Dylan loved touch and loved sitting up in his special chair watching TV. We will miss seeing him in his special chair and looking around to find us when he would here our voices. We have captured so many wonderful memories of Dylanís life. To name a few, our family holiday to Queensland, our fishing trips and then to our everyday living. Dylan loved being outside in the sun and fresh air and loved his swing under our pergola. He loved the pool on our Queensland holiday and loved Aunty Lis and Uncle Matts warm pool.

Sonia and I can be reassured that Dylan with his condition was given everything that he could have possibly had. He was given love, kisses, and cuddles and most importantly he was kept comfortable. He had quality of life. He had a big brother Cody who watched over him and Ben who absolutely adored him. Ben showed him so much love and affection.

Dylan was fortunate to have the support from an organisation called Tandem and a committed carer called Betty. Dylan had the support from a wonderful GP Jenni Brown, who did regular home visits, and his Paediatrician Prof Reynolds, who supported us with the decisions and choices that we made for Dylan. But most of all Sonia, Ben and I were lucky to have so much support for Dylan from our wonderful family and friends. For those that were there for us when he was born to those that are here with us today. Those of you and you know who you are, would turn up at our house as you knew we were having a bad day and needed a shoulder to cry on, a laugh and/or your support just to get through the day. His wonderful cousins that showed him so much love and affection and Soniaís work for enabling her to spend much needed time at home with Dylan.

We wouldnít have got through his last day without the wonderful support from the Palliative Care nurses and his GP, not to mention our wonderful family, and Aunty Lis who was not only his Aunty but his nurse during his last hours. I am sure Dyl loved the fact that most of our family had the opportunity throughout the day to say their goodbyes to our very special boy, we are sure he was lapping up all the attention and cuddles. We knew Dylan was only with us for a short time and we can be reassured that he was given the appropriate medication and oxygen to ensure that he was pain free especially during his last 24 hours. Our special little boy passed away at our home very peacefully in my arms with Sonia by our side.

Dylan would be amazed at how many people have come to share this special day, his day with us. I can picture him now looking down with his gorgeous smile and his big blue eyes and long eye lashes.

Dyl, we will miss you so much, our hearts are broken our home is empty. We will miss seeing you sitting in your special chair and looking around to find us when you would hear our voice. We will miss your little noises and we will miss the love that you gave us.

We love you Dyl with all our heart, and you will always stay close to our hearts. But the loving bond with our family will live on while Iím sure you will be up with your brother Cody running amuck. You and Cody look after each other. We will love you forever, rest in peace son, until we meet again.

To my wife Sonia, words canít express how much I love you and how strong you have been. You have given Dylan all your love and care even at times when I struggled. I want you to know how much I appreciate the long days, late nights, and constant commitment. You are one of a kind and the strongest person I know. Iím very lucky to have someone special like you as mother and a wife.

No one but us knows the hurt, and no one but me knows the time you spent caring for Dylan. Thankyou Sonia. I promise that I will take good care of you and Ben and mend our broken hearts.

Lastly there is one big thank you that I would like to make today and that is to my employer ACTEWAGL who have blown Sonia and me away with their financial contribution to make this day as special as it can be for our special little Dylan. Words canít even begin to express our gratitude.

Darren Sheppard

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Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral

Dylans funeral Dylans funeral Dylans funeral


Thank you cardThank you card

In loving memory – Dylan Darren Sheppard

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