Outcomes of 2004 fundraising activities

Cody Care KickOff

On Saturday the 13th of November 2004 the first fundraising event was held at Platform 3 Tuggeranong.

Both the ACT CHSNI Committee and Cody’s parents Darren and Sonia were overwhelmed with the response to the invitations that were distributed, and the generous donations that were made on the night. Thanks to all those who attended and for those that could not attend but did make donations. A total profit of $4,590.00 was made on the night which included the door entry fee, donations, and money raised as a result of various raffles.

The ACT CHSNI would like to thank the following businesses within the ACT who supported the Cody Care KickOff;

Sausage Sizzle

The Secretary of the ACT CHSNI arranged a sausage sizzle on the 19th of November 2004 with the help of some of her work colleagues. The ACT CHSNI thank these people for there support.

The sausage sizzle was held in the Woden vicinity, and many of the people that made purchases were from the Department of Health and Ageing. A total of $341.75 was raised on the day, and thanks to those people who made a purchase or a donation on the day.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

A Krispy Kreme Doughnut fundraising drive was held on Friday the 3rd of December 2004.

Thanks to the president of the ACTCH SNI who coordinated the fundraising event. A total profit of $1782.00 was made as a result of the Krispy Kreme Donught drive. Many thanks to those people who supported this fundraising event.

More fundraising activities